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Jury Returns Verdict Against Employer

Our client worked for Florida BC Holdings, LLC. d/b/a Synergy Equipment (“Synergy”) as a Sales Coordinator. Like most Americans, our client worked hard putting in long hours- averaging 52 ½ hours a week. Despite working such overtime hours, Synergy did not pay our client overtime wages. This is because Synergy classified our client as not being entitled to overtime pay pursuant to federal overtime law. Not only did Synergy classify our client as not being entitled to overtime pay, it also classified all Sales Coordinators as not being entitled to overtime pay.

Ultimately, our client filed a lawsuit against Synergy seeking unpaid overtime on behalf of himself and all Sales Coordinators. This resulted in Synergy paying $363,397.47 inclusive of attorney’s fees and costs to 15 Sales Coordinators. But this is not the end of the story.

Not only did Synergy engage in wrongful actions against our client while he was employed by it, such wrongful actions continued after he left. After leaving Synergy, our client took a job with Ahern Rentals, Inc. (“Ahern”). Prior to our client becoming employed, Ahern sent a correspondence to Synergy asking if our client had a non-compete agreement. Synergy did not respond and Ahern hired our client. Three months after our client commenced working for Ahern, Synergy sent our client and Ahern a letter threating a lawsuit because it did have a non-compete agreement with our client and he was in violation of it. Synergy made this statement even though it does not have a non-compete agreement signed by our client. It made this statement even though our client states he did not sign a non-compete agreement. Synergy made this statement even though our client’s supervisor at Synergy does not remember seeing our client signing a non-compete agreement or seeing such an agreement signed by our client. It made this statement, even though the new hire checklist completed by our client’s supervisor indicates our client did not execute a non-compete agreement. And finally, Synergy made this statement even though to this day it has not produce a non-compete agreement signed by our client.

During this last year, justice was finally rendered for our client. A Jury ultimately saw through the antics and harm that Synergy caused our client. The Jury found that Synergy’s interference with our client’s employment with Ahern was improper- awarding him all his lost wages and additional money for mental anguish for losing his job with Ahern.

As Employers find-out and our current and prior clients know, the Employment Lawyers at LaBar & Adams, P.A. are committed to seeking justice for employees. This case is another demonstration that our attorneys are willing to go to any lengths to fight for Employee Rights.

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