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LaBar Adams- Named Class Counsel, Rectifying Unfair Labor Practices

LaBar & Adams, P.A. was named class counsel in a collective action filed in the Federal Middle District of Florida. We represent a class of employees seeking unpaid overtime wages from their current/prior employer. This will be the seventh (7) time in the last four (4) years we have been entrusted as class counsel.     

Class Counsel

LaBar & Adams, P.A. is honored to be appointed to represent the class.  We take such representation extremely seriously. We will right the wrongs suffered by the class. An employee should be able to expect his employer to treat him justly and fairly.  He has the right to expect to be rewarded for his work.  An employee’s industriousness is God given or self-cultivated. Such pay is necessary to provide a decent and healthy life for employees and their families. It is needed to protect employers from unfair low-wage competition. Such pay prevents employees from being forced to rely upon taxpayer-funded public services.

Class of Employees

An employer was depriving its employees their rightful wages and obtaining an unfair competitive edge by suppressing proper wages. Our employment lawyers filed a collective action lawsuit on behalf of the employees. The lawsuit was filed pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act seeking unpaid overtime wages owed to the class of employees. 

Defacto Policy

It is alleged that the employer had a defacto policy that result in violations of the FLSA. The employer refused to allow employees to record all time worked.  The time includes work performed in the yard. It includes travel time to the jobsite. The time includes work performed on weekends and other work time. This resulted in the employees not receiving overtime pay for each and every hour of overtime worked.  

The our employment lawyers are committed to seeking justice for employees.  This is another demonstration that our attorneys are willing to go to any lengths to fight for Employee Rights. 

If you or someone you know has been a victim of an unfair employment practice, please contact the employment lawyers at LaBar & Adams, P.A. at 407-835-8968 or

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